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Hotel Hotel Sunday 13:17 PM

Sean McConnell with Buller and Basse by Lee Grant

Sean McConnell

Having a chef, such as Sean McConnell, an avid vegetable gardener and mushroom forager that thinks about food as a way of showcasing good ingredients pretty much ticks all our boxes right there as far as we’re concerned.

These loves of gardening and foraging are reflected in Sean’s very seasonal menus and his habit of working directly with the producers of the ingredients he prepares.

He thinks up foods that encourage sharing and thus shared experiences. The emphasis on sharing probably comes from Sean’s front of house experience (where the enjoyment of the food is first and foremost as opposed to the emphasis being on the dish itself as is often the case in back of house) and his, until now nomad lifestyle.

You can taste these loves at the Monster kitchen and bar.

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