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Hotel Hotel Sunday 10:05 AM


The curator of Design Hub, Fleur Watson, interviewed Martino Gamper and together they reflected on the impact of ‘100 Chairs in 100 Days’ on Martino’s expanding practice.

Virgin Rhubarb and Cardamom Soda

A teetotaling good time. Toni's own recipe

Bread + Honey

The latest exhibition in the display cabinets on the ground floor of Hotel Hotel is called Bread + Honey.

The Dickson

A tribute to Dickson - a suburb in the inner north of Canberra and the home to Chinatown.

Love quote

Lost Horizon

Star anise, gin and elderflower. And Summer. Finally.

Of clay

Naomi’s business, named Studio Enti, makes the dishes you can eat off at Monster. She’ll be teaching a Fix and Make Kintsugi workshop.

Sam and Claire Johnson

Sam and Claire Johnson run the free range farm that supplies Hotel Hotel.

An old fashioned

The old fashioned - the old timer that keeps giving.

Eric Ahlfors

Eric Ahlfors and his team re-upholstered much of the furniture at Hotel Hotel. Their particular focus was on returning some of the more elaborate armchairs to their former glory.