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Hotel Hotel Tuesday 20:57 PM

Edwin Odermatt

Edwin Odermatt re-upholstered lots of our furniture.

Rhubarb, strawberry and pink peppercorn crumble with chamomile ice cream

You'll need an ice cream maker and some will power (to not eat all the separate bits before you put them all together).

Craig and the natives

The story of Craig Scott and his native flower farm on Mangrove Mountain.

Gerard Havekes

Gerard Havekes’ tiles are lain at the Monster kitchen and bar - inside and outside the Mosaic room.

John McPhee

John McPhee’s thinking and writing shaped the Nishi Broached collection found on the ground floor of Hotel Hotel.

I understand sugar like a large field of game without limits

Angélique Peretto is our pastry chef from Monster kitchen and bar. It’s kind of amazing when you hear someone talk about pastry with the poetry that Angélique does in her sweet French accent.

Meg’s sneaky granny

This makes you a good stash of chamomile and spice syrup to add to your scotch. It's winter... It'll go fast.

Rob Gordon Australia

There is almost nothing rarer in Australian industry than intergenerational success amongst artisanal product manufacturers. Founded in 1945, Rob Gordon Australia is just such a rare beast.

Helen and Dennis Smith

Helen and Dennis Smith supply Monster kitchen and bar with free range eggs. Their chickens live on their property 33km north of Temora in the Riverina region of NSW, around 200km from Canberra.

Glass is gold

Meet our man Amos Enders-Moje. He is an obsessive collector of used bottles, old school TVs and, strangely, concrete cores.